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Faith Community Nursing (FCN) has been active in other countries besides the US from its very early years. Canada, Australia and New Zealand were among the first countries to develop the practice, closely followed by the UK and Swaziland. For both ecclesiological, geographical and missional reasons, some countries have retained the original title Parish nursing. (PN). Now 33 countries have at least one nurse that has undertaken the Foundations course. Some of these nurses have not been in contact recently but we’re hoping to hear from them soon. But others have established their own networks and started teaching the course in a way that is adapted for their context, training many new nurses for work with and from their Faith community. These include Nigeria, Pakistan, The Philippines, and the Ukraine.

Helen Wordsworth

International Parish/Faith Community Nurse Consultant




Faith Community Nursing

Faith Community Nursing /Parish nursing happens in many different Christian denominations internationally. We want to see more countries developing these ministries in sustainable ways and we encourage their national nursing leaders and church leaders to get in touch with us for more details. Some other faiths also do similar work. Groups such as mission societies might also find the 36.5 hour Foundations course an excellent way to train local nurses in leading their own faith-based health ministry. Theological colleges might well be interested in offering the course in order to promote multiple forms of outreach. Westberg certificates and pins can be purchased to be awarded to qualified nurses who complete the course and we have further resources for training Coordinators and Educators and is open to all religions.

To meet this need we have now produced an International version of the Foundations course that can be used as the basis for teaching in other cultures and languages. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information about the curriculum and its associated agreements and costs.

We also have an annual symposium in April, which is currently held online and registration can be made here: (link) One of the sessions is specifically focused on World Forum issues.

(If you would like to see Faith Community Nursing ministry spreading into new countries that cannot afford the resources that are needed, please get in touch to see how your gift could enable them to get started and make a difference in their communities)

The links below will take you to some of the International organizations that are either currently offering courses, or can direct you to them. At the moment these are online, so distance is not an issue. Please note however, that in order to teach the Foundations course anywhere in the world, registration with the Westberg Institute is a legal requirement.

Additional Information

If you are an International organization wanting to offer the Foundations Course please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please also get in touch if you would like to be connected to someone else in your country who is interested in Faith Community nursing.

You may be interested for publications that reflect on Faith Community Nursing/Parish nursing from an international perspective visit our online store and spiritual care resources page. If you know of others please email us so that we can include them on this page.



The World Forum for Parish Nursing Ministries began as an outgrowth of the 2004 Westberg Symposium Preconference, “Parish Nursing Outside of North America.” The presenters and participants of the pre-conference felt there was increasing interest in international Parish Nursing, and all attendees of the Westberg Symposium were invited to a meeting to discuss global Faith Community/Parish Nursing. There, work groups were formed to research and develop data and resources that would establish a foundation for international Parish Nurse practice.

To date, the World Forum for Parish Nursing Ministries has met each year during the Westberg Symposium, enabling any international faith community or parish nurse to meet or share reports emailed to the convener, with other Faith Community Nurses to discuss global activities and interest in Faith Community/Parish Nursing practice.

If interested in more information, contact Helen Wordsworth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The work of the World Forum includes development of the structure of Regional Parish Nurse Resource Centers that cover the globe regions, key documents to guide the practice of international Faith Community/Parish Nursing.


To provide a mechanism for sharing Faith Community/Parish Nursing ideas, best practices, education, theology and ministry development.
To support those who advocate Faith Community/Parish Nursing locally, nationally and internationally.

Resource Centers

The World Forum of Parish Nursing Ministries has developed a structure for the world, that has created 7 regional Parish Nurse Resource Centers with the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing being the hub in the US. The other regions that have been designated are: Europe, Africa, Asia, and those yet to be designated are Australia/New Zealand, Canada and Central/South America.

These regional Parish Nurse Resource Centers are charged with establishing a center that will promote Faith Community/Parish Nursing as a professional nursing specialty that is culturally appropriate for their region/countries, offer education, mentoring and networking among the Faith Community/Parish Nurses within their countries and region.

This will include offering Foundations of Faith Community Nursing courses, continuing education in the practice, networking with nurses, clergy and all interested in health ministry using Faith Community Nurses as part of that practice. They will be a resource to those in the region also for the International Foundations Curriculum, and sharing the guidelines for nurses taking the courses, educators and coordinators who lead groups of FCN/PNs in that area. They will be responsible to maintain the integrity of the Core Curriculum and educate/influence the nursing boards of those countries in that region regarding this practice.

Recent Accomplishments

The work of the World Forum has included development of the structure of Regional Parish Nurse Resource Centers that cover the globe regions, key documents to guide the practice of international Faith Community/Parish Nursing, such as:

  • The Regional Parish Nurse Resource Centers Document–2011
  • Guidelines for Teaching the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course Internationally
  • World Forum–Recommendations for International FCN/ PN Faculty Education outside the US
  • Foundations of Faith Community Nursing 2014 International Core Curriculum—in process

FCN Faculty Courses in England 2013, Pakistan, Africa—2016, Asia—2016.

FCN Knowledge Platform launching for more communication, education and networking—2016.

For more information, join the Westberg Institute World Forum group on the FCN Knowledge Sharing Platform.