Spirit of Caring Conference

9:30 - 11:30 Keynote Presentation:  Trauma Informed Care: What You Need to Know

Tammy Humphrey is the lead educator for Summitsone Health Partners in Fort Collins, CO.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Participants will be able to define the term trauma informed care.

2. Participants can name two reasons why someone who has suffered past trauma may use more health care services.

3.  Participants can list three resources available to help clients who struggle with past trauma.

12:15 -1:15 Afternoon Presentation: The Evolution of Emergency Preparedness & Response

Stephen Tomajczyk is an executive level emergency manager who has reponed to Public Health emergences for 35 years at the county, regional, and state levels.

Learning Objectives:

1.Participants will be able to define the term Emergency Operations Center and give examples of when it might be activated.

2. Participants can give two examples of how faith communities might assist in a disaster.

3. Participants can define two ways health ministers can be involved as volunteers in the local or state disaster response teams.

4. Participants can identify two of the four Larimer County EOC response brances

5. Participants can state at which disaster alert level will Faith Community Nurses be notified of a pending/actual disaster.






Event Information

Event Date 10-14-2023
Event End Date 10-14-2023
Cut off date 10-06-2023
Individual Price RNs $50 includes FCN membership & conference Non-RN HEalth Ministers/Clergy/Stephen Ministers - $25